Name in Lights


This service is completely exclusive. You cannot get more personal than this!

Having your name or surname in the area will completely change the atmosphere of a room.

Creating a welcoming, bright entrance or introduction, having a name in lights is definitely the answer.


Each letter is 4ft Tall.

1240mm (H) x 668mm (W) x 230mm (D)

Each individual letter has its own plug.

We provide extension cables for them to be plugged in together. Every 4 Letters require ONE wall socket only.

Each item is annually checked and given a Portable Appliance Test (PAT) certificate. Every item is checked after each hire to ensure our Health and Safety standards are still met and no damage is present.

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Bright White Gloss Enamel Based Paint. Font design by Jemstone UK Events
Cabochon (Fairground) style Caps with LED Bright White Bulbs as standard.

Fancy a different colour? Take a Look.

We value your interest, want a freebie?

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Name In Lights with Colour Splash

Why not add Colour Up lighting behind your letters to add a splash of the rainbow?


Names with Coloured Lights

Our Light Up Names come as standard with the Bright White LED Cabochon Cap Bulbs.

To really change up your name? Try multi-colour Bulbs. Perfect for Colour specific occasions.

Coloured Bulbs Available:

Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange.



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