Room Lighting

Room Lighting

So, your venue room is a bit dull? Plain colours all around? Wooden décor throughout?

Room Uplighting changes the look completely.

It provides a wash of colour against every wall, providing you with a colour defined atmospheric feel.

Whether you choose Blues for that cooler feel, or Oranges to create a feeling if cozy-ness and warmth, Room Uplighter’s are an amazing transformation tool.


Quick & Easy To Install

Suitable For Virtually Any Venue

Requires Very Little Power

Very Environmentally Friendly

Beautiful & Sophisticated

Fastest Way To Transform a Venue at a Low Cost

Feature Highlighting

There may be certain features of your wedding venue such as pillars, statues, high windows & plants that you would like to highlight. We can do this, by placing one of our uplighting units at the base, set to whatever colour you wish.

Colours To Suit Your Scheme

Uplighters come as controllable lighting or static colour lighting. This gives the option of having a colour to suit your colour scheme or to provide flexibility throughout the event.

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